10Gbps germany dedicated server

PraHost is a dedicated server hosting company that was founded in 2008, with three completely furnished and fortified data center facilities located in Germany, Netherlands, and UK. PraHost is the leading provider of Offshore hosting, Dedicated server, and DDOS Protected server.

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10Gbps germany dedicated server

Top Reasons To Choose Dedicated Server


Probably, you have heard about the benefits of dedicated hosting. This hosting is best for companies that is thinking big. But, you should know that this hosting is quite expensive. How do you recognize if you want a dedicated hosting?

* Quick response: In case your site generates good enough traffic and you don’t want any of your clients to wait, you want a dedicated server Germany. Keep in mind, surveys prove that your website visitor waits for about 7 seconds earlier than they click out of your website. Thus, you want speed. In case you use of VPS or shared hosting, you can face temporary problems related to download.

* Complete authority: In case you have the technical knowledge and the wish to customize and install your own apps online, you are better off utilizing 1Gbps germany server. These servers permit you to run your website self-sufficiently. In VPS and shared hosting, there can be possibilities for severs to stop working at times. Mostly, even a badly written script can make the web server crash. In case the trade-off is enough and you actually want to spend extra money to keep afloat your business, you can buy germany server.

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* Security: The greatest risks of shared web hosting are sharing similar IP address with any others on your web server. In case some of these companies are blacklisted for spamming or any other immoral activities, your site will even suffer. That indicates you lose your business and you will earn a poor reputation for a crime you have not committed. Likewise, any data stored on a dedicated platform is safe than that resting on shared platform. Nobody can hack into a dedicated hosting. So, you get pleasure from utmost security with 10Gbps Germany dedicated server.

* Limitless Bandwidth: In case your site generates too much traffic, some service provider can slap a penalty on you. It is known by the name of bandwidth restriction. A dedicated server permits their users to use their complete bandwidth, without striking any penalty.

* A lot of websites: In case you are in the web hosting business, a lot of mini-websites, with each and every website making a good traffic volume, you want a system whereby you can manage all your sites from one particular location. You may want to install same scripts on different sites and you can also need similar IP address.