North East India tour for an Amazing Honeymoon Experience

Planning for an exquisite North-east India tour for your honeymoon? White Stork Holidays offers Darjeeling Gangtok honeymoon tour in exciting prices, so what are you waiting for? contact us today

Posted March 3,2019 in Travel and Events.

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North East India tour for an Amazing Honeymoon Experience

Honeymoon for every couple is one of the most important things and so, every couple pre-plan every single detail of their honeymoon, so that they don’t have to face any problem while they are enjoying on their honeymoon. India no doubt is rich in beautiful places that can provide you with an amazing honeymoon experience, but for every couple, the places vary. Gangtok and Darjeeling are two such amazing places in North East India where you can enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest amidst the beautiful snowy mountains and the breathtakingly beautiful nature.

Although these places are beautiful and perfect for honeymoon but planning can cause a bit of fuzz. But not to worry White Stork Holidays has got your back, we can help plan the whole trip for you, according to your needs and the only thing that you have to do is to take the Darjeeling Gangtok honeymoon tour with us. We provide all the services and make sure that you do not face any issues while you are on your Darjeeling honeymoon package. Along with providing the amazing Northeast India tour package, we also provide various other tour packages such as Ooty honeymoon tour packages, which will provide you peace and some quiet time with your better half and Shimla honeymoon package as well.  We at White Stork Holidays make sure that you get to spend your honeymoon with your partner without worrying about travelling, your stay or any other thing while you are on your honeymoon.

Now, let us see some of the various places that you can visit in Darjeeling and Gangtok when you take Packages for honeymoon in India.

Places in Darjeeling:

  1. Tea Gardens: Darjeeling is beautiful and so close to nature and your Darjeeling honeymoon package will be incomplete without visiting these beautiful tea gardens. You can watch the ladies pluck the tea leaves and carry their baskets on their back. You can also see the processing of these beautiful tea leaves and the manufacturing of the tea. The whole process will give you insight about the tea processing history and your Darjeeling Gangtok honeymoon tour is going to be incomplete if you do not visit these beautiful tea gardens Darjeeling.
  2. Tiger Hill: Tiger Hill is located at a height of 2,590 meters above the sea level and you can get the glance of the highest peaks of the world Mount Everest and Mount Kanchenjunga from here. The most romantic thing to do here is to climb up the tiger hill before the sunset and you will get to see the most beautiful sunset from here which is going to make the moment more romantic for you and your partner. You can get the same view and feeling, in Ooty as well, it is a hilly station in South India, where can feel the cloud and enjoy the nature, we at White Stork Holidays also provide Ooty honeymoon tour packages.
  3. Mirik: It is a beautiful town in Darjeeling famous for the Sumendu lake, you will get some of the most picturesque views here, with the pine trees on one side of the lake and the garden on the other side of the lake. The whole setting will make your honeymoon perfect in Darjeeling.

These are some of the amazing places to visit in Darjeeling when you take your Packages for honeymoon in India. When you take the Honeymoon tour packages with White Stork Holidays, we will make sure that you get all the best services, including the stay, sightseeing and all the other facilities. We also provide various other honeymoon destination packages such as Shimla honeymoon package. So, if you are planning for your honeymoon, contact us today for great offers.