Mesmerizing Islands to visit in your Goa Honeymoon trip

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Posted March 3,2019 in Travel and Events.

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Mesmerizing Islands to visit in your Goa Honeymoon trip

Goa is very famous for its amazing beaches and the party that it hosts, but along with the beautiful beaches, there are various places as well that you can visit and activities that you can perform when you take packages for honeymoon in Goa. Goa has a lot to offer is one of the famous tourists and vacation spot throughout the year. It attracts a lot of tourists that is the reason why there are various tour companies that offer great goa packages for honeymoon. Although all of these tend to provide excellent services and a great stay in Goa, I would suggest you take your Goa honeymoon packages from the best tour company, which is White stork holidays.

So, there are various places in Goa that you must visit, include the beautiful Islands, the colorful markets and the amazing outdoor activities. Here we will talk about these beautiful Islands that you will get to visit in the goa tour package for couple.

  1. Chorao island: This is one of the largest Islands present on Goa and has beautiful views. This magnificent Island is famous for its scenic views, its beauty, the villas, the forts, and its cheese. This beautiful Island sees a lot of honeymooners every year and when you take your packages for honeymoon you must definitely visit this Island.
  2. Divar Island: This is the only island that is very far away from the commercialization of human society. It retains its originality and that’s what attracts most of the people towards this Island. It attracts many honeymooners and these are one of the reasons why people take goa packages for honeymoon. This beautiful beach and the village offer a great experience of Goan countryside along with a beautiful romantic setting. Also, there is one more specialty of this beach, this place is hosts the Bonderam festival every Saturday in the month of August. Taking the goa packages for honeymoon is going to provide you with a lot of quality time with your partner and some really beautiful memories.
  3. Grand Island: This is one of the famous Islands in Goa because of the famous water sports that it offers, and that is the reason there is always the rush of people in this place. Goa honeymoon packages offer a lot of stuff that you and your partner can do, especially these famous water sports will provide you a great adventure. You can visit Suzy’s Wreck, Shelter Cove and bounty bay that is some of the very famous sites for Scuba diving on this Island. You can also go to snorkeling from this island.

These are some of the amazing islands that you can visit in Goa and these are some of the amazing things that you can do while you are in Goa. There are various companies that offer goa tour package for Honeymoon in good rates and along with all the services that are sure to make your goa trip amazing and worth a visit. Goa always has a rush of honeymooners, because of the beautiful weather and the beautiful people as well, that is the reason many people take goa packages for honeymoon. So, if you are planning on taking goa honeymoon package, contact White Stork Holidays today.