Best Transformers Suppliers to Save Power & to Protect Electronic Devices

Best Distribution Transformer Manufacturers/Dealers in Hyderabad for stable current output. Also, the Best Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers in Hyderabad.

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Best Transformers Suppliers to Save Power & to Protect Electronic Devices

Vajra Transpower is one of the leading Transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad and provides different types of products for numerous applications. As we all know, a transformer is a product that helps to achieve stable current output thereby reducing the power losses in between. There are different transformers and stabilizers we provide with the aim to reduce power losses and also to protect electrical appliances from voltage fluctuations. Being one of the renowned Transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad, our engineers and professionals always strive hard to innovate new features as per the feedback of the customers thereby improving the quality and performance. 

Types of Transformers:


  • Power Transformer:


A power transformer is an electromagnetic device that helps to transfer energy from the primary circuit to the secondary circuit by means of the electromagnetic field or inductive coupling. This power transformer acts as a step-up or step-down transformer to provide stable energy suitable for home appliances and other applications. Vajra Transpower is one of the best Power Transformer Manufacturers in Hyderabad for a wide range of applications such as power plants, industrial plants, and traditional energy utility fields. Being one of the trustworthy Power Transformer Manufacturers in Hyderabad, we provide a wide range of power transformers starting from the lowest capacity of 5KVA to highest capacity 30MVA. 


  • Distribution Transformers:


A distribution transformer acts as a step-down transformer that is used to convert high-voltage electricity to lower voltage levels. The objective of this distribution transformer is to lower the voltage levels and provide isolation between primary and secondary circuits. The distribution transformer is categorized in three ways such as Oil Cooled, OLTC, and Dry Type. Vajra Transpower is also renowned as the best Distribution Transformer Manufacturers in Hyderabad for various traditional and commercial applications such as residential, education institutions, telecom centers, pharmaceutical units, cold storages and more. Being one of the considered Distribution Transformer Manufacturers in Hyderabad, we provide superior-quality, reliable, and cost-effective distribution transformers.


  • Solar Transformer:


As we all know, solar panels are used to convert the sunlight into electricity. Sunlight is one of the best sources to generate electricity. But the complications after power generation are very difficult to handle. Vajra Transpower provides high-quality and efficient solar transformer which is used to convert direct current and alternating current suitable for household and other applications. Vajra Transpower is a customer's favorite Solar Transformer Manufacturers in Hyderabad and provides a wide range of solar power transformers such as 1MVA, 2.5MVA, and 5MVA as per the requirement of the customers. Being one of the trusted Solar Transformer Manufacturers in Hyderabad, we offer products that are made of high-grade raw materials with the use of advanced technology. Vajra Transpower also provides other transformers such as Auxiliary Transformer, Isolation Transformer, Ultra Isolation Transformer and more.

Servo Voltage Stabilizers:

Vajra Transpower also tops the list of Servo Voltage Stabilizer manufacturers in Hyderabad. Servo voltage stabilizers are used to reduce voltage fluctuations thereby protecting the electronic appliances from getting damaged. It is very difficult for electrical appliances to withstand continuous voltage fluctuations thereby resulting in huge loss. Being one of the top Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers in Hyderabad, we manufacture different types of servo voltage stabilizers such as 3 Phase Air Cooled, 3 Phase Oil Cooled, 3 Phase Residential, Single Phase Servo Stabilizers, and Static Voltage Stabilizers. Our engineers with excellent quality checks of our products ensure that the stabilizers possess high working capacity, high efficiency, require less maintenance, and high durability. | | +91-9121685111