Reason Behind the Hindu Homam Ritual

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Reason Behind the Hindu Homam Ritual

Homam, also called as havan is a ritual is performed by the Hindu. It is a process of invoking a sacred fire with intentions of getting peace. The fire is a symbol of God. People offer grains, ghee and herbs and many other sacred things to it as symbolic offerings to God. It is believed that after performing Homam according to proper Vedic ritual, a person get surrounded by positive energy and get success in life. These rituals have been followed by people from days of yore and also there are scientific reasons behind it. So, if you are looking pandit for Pooja in Varanasi, you can contact our team for easy processing of rituals. This article is an attempt to understand the nuances behind the homams ritual. If you are eager to know the reason why people get purohit services in Varanasi to perform rituals and Homam, keep reading.

There are many components involved in this ritual, for example, the chanting of mantras by best pandit in Varanasi, which may add benefits. There are different types of Homams performed by people under the guidance of the best poojari in Varanasi. The most commonly used ingredients used are as follows: dried cow dung patties, dried coconut, milk, curd, wood shavings, peepal twigs (samit), camphor, and ghee. 

Many reports and researches indicate that burning of plants and herbs releases nitrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, oxygen, and argon (~75%), and other hydrocarbons (~20%), and other particulates (~5%). These particulates are composed of organic acids, sterols, terpenoids, phenols, alcohols, carbonyls, alkaloids, and sugar derivatives. At high temperatures, metals such as arsenic, nickel, cobalt, and lead are also seen. Although the focus of these researches and studies is different from the context of the Homam ritual, the basic principles behind the generation of smoke by burning herbs, biomass, and other plant derivatives are expected to be the same. Yet there are no proper facts that can be presented why purohit in Varanasi perform homams. 

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Even for pind daan and other last rite rituals, we provide pandit for pind daan in gaya so that you can perform all the rituals for the salvation of your fore fathers.

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