Why it is important to perform Asthi Visarjan in Varanasi?

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Why it is important to perform Asthi Visarjan in Varanasi?

Varanasi is the most sacred land that is located on the banks of river Ganga. It is a holy river that flows through this spiritual city and before the river descends, it flows in heaven. Furthermore, it is believed that performing rituals in Varanasi have more spiritual importance and it is for this, most of the people are traveling to this pilgrimage destination, for ages. In addition, most of the Hindu religious rituals for the departed soul are performed at this place i.e. pitrukaryas in Varanasi. So, if you are looking for the best pandit for pitru rituals in Kashi, then contact Tirth Kshetra Purohit which provides the best pandit services in Varanasi

When people visit this sacred place, they perform certain Pitrukaryas in Varanasi like Asthi Visarjan in Kashi, Pind Daan, Anna Shradh, Samvatsrikam, Abdikam, Masikam, etc. Furthermore, it is believed that when a person dies, cremation of the dead body is the best way to do farewell. After the process of Agnisanskar, ashes and bones are collected in a vessel in order to scatter them in a sacred river. This ritual is known as Asthi Visarjan in Varanasi and it has a great spiritual significance behind this. However, when you perform certain rituals in Varanasi for the deceased ancestors, it is believed that the soul of the death attains moksha (salvation) from the cycle of rebirth. 

In addition, Varanasi is renowned as the holy city which is nestled in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. This sacred place is also known as the land of Lord Shiva and this spiritual place holds a great religious significance. However, if you want to perform Asthi Visarjan in Varanasi to any of your deceased ancestors, you can book the best pandit for pitru rituals in Kashi from Tirth Kshetra Purohit. In addition to this, the main reason to perform Asthi Visarjan in Varanasi is to let the journey after the death of the deceased person be with no issues and also to let his family live a peaceful life. So, people who are facing certain critical problems in their family and wish to perform certain death rituals in Varanasi, they can contact Tirth Kshetra Purohit and book the best pandit for pitru rituals in Kashi. 

Furthermore, most of the people believe that performing Asthi Visarjan in Varanasi brings peace to the deceased souls as this place is considered much sacred due to the flowing Ganga river and the city dedicated to Lord Shiva. In addition, you can perform the Pind Daan ritual to let the soul of the death attain salvation and it can be conducted under the guidance of the best pandit for pitru rituals in Kashi. Also, Gaya – a place near Varanasi is considered so sacred for the Pind Daan ritual and you can perform Pind Daan in Gaya with the best pandit services from Tirth Kshetra Purohit. Gaya holds a great historical significance as it is a place where Rama with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana came to this place to perform Pind Daan to his father Dasharath and thus, this place is considered sacred for Pind Daan ritual. 

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