Best Android Productivity Apps

Check out the list of the apps that will help you to stay productive and organized.

Posted October 10,2019 in Live Style.

dsad Roberts
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Best Android Productivity Apps

Android apps can be enormous productivity boosters for people who use them, but finding the best productivity apps for Android when there are over 2 million apps in Google Play can be really difficult. That is why we’ve selected the best productivity apps to help you stay productive and organized.

  1. Bitwarden. It’s a password manager which helps you to quickly auto-fill logins from within your web browser and other apps, making it easy to use a different password for each website you visit. It can even generate secure passwords that hackers won’t be able to break even if they had a supercomputer to help them.
  2. IFTTT. It allows you to automate your life by chaining different apps and services together using simple logic and custom triggers.
  3. Clean Email. It’s one of the best email apps for Android. It’ll help you to keep your inboxes clean, organized and tidy.
  4. With Chrome Remote Desktop, you can securely access your computer from your Android device. Why would you want to control your computer using your smartphone? Because your smartphone can’t fit everything you have on your computer and because you never know when you’ll need to access a particular document or email a certain file.