Heater Accessories on Engineer Warehouse

Heaters provide their maximum benefits when used with compatible accessories. Read on to get to know some modern heater accessories.

Posted September 9,2019 in Other.

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Heater Accessories on Engineer Warehouse

Modern heaters offer a level of functionality and convenience that no older heater models can provide. They come with the latest technologies, and the certified ones have become easier to find these days than ever before. 

Anyone who’s bought a heater unit in the past would know that heaters come in various types. There are the popular convection heaters, infrared heaters, baseboard heaters, fan forced heaters, and a few others. Each type has its own set of advantages, including convenience in terms of installation, heat output, and overheat protection.

As commendable as modern heaters are, they don’t always come with complete accessories. Also, some of those that have complete features will eventually need replacement of at least one component.

This is why Engineer Warehouse offers heater parts and accessories designed to be compatible with specific heater models. The available parts and accessories include the following: 

Heater Diffusers - designed to aid heaters in dispersing heated air; comes in different kinds, including linear louvered, radial, and anemostat diffuser

Thermostats - enable better control of temperature within a defined temperature range

Heater Switches and Controls - perfect replacements for faulty switches and controls; can be hardwired to suitable devices

Heater Guards - designed to protect people and pets from direct contact with the hot and hazardous parts of a heater, especially the reflector of an infrared heater

Heater Mounts - are used to safely mount heaters either vertically or horizontally; some may be used as extenders to cover awkward recesses between the wall and the sides of a wall-mounted heater

For more information, visit the collection of heating equipment and accessories on Engineer Warehouse.