Best Power & Electrical Transformers Manufacturers in Hyderabad

Appropriate power utilization is essential to manage the normal functioning of various types of equipment. Different varieties of transformers enable such a significant function of substantial voltage output supply. However, we must ensure that the right transformer unit is purchased for a

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Best Power & Electrical Transformers Manufacturers in Hyderabad

Servocare by Servomax Limited is one of the best power and electrical transformers manufacturers in Hyderabad. If you are in need of transformer products and services, then go through this note to understand the significance of Servocare transformer solutions.  

Servocare – A Top Power and Electrical Transformers Manufacturer

Servocare is the popular brand of Servomax Limited. It showcases the ultimate trade of manufacturing and supplying of power-conditioning and power-saving products. Apart from transformers, it has an eminent specialization in the provision of stabilizers, control panels, and UPS systems.

Transformers are the important devices used to increase or decrease the voltage levels to suit the application needs. They enable adequate voltage supply to equipment of residential, industrial, commercial, and government sectors. Servocare is specialized in manufacturing marvelous models of power and electrical transformers.

Distinctive characteristics of Servocare make it more famous in the competitive market.

It is engaged in providing perfect transformer solutions. It manufactures -

  • Power Transformers
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Dry-type Transformers
  • Isolation Transformers

Power Transformers – These are step-up or step-down transformers that are used to supply power from the main power plants. Servocare offers incomparable small and medium power transformers with varied capacities ranging till 16 MVA. The Company designs special customized models with a stronger structural outfit to withstand higher voltage levels.

Servocare power transformers are especially liquid-immersed models but they need very little maintenance. They can be effectively used for as long as 30 years. Still, they are able to bear harsh environmental conditions like dust, heat, etc.

Servocare supplies such efficient small and medium power transformer to power generation stations, distribution companies, solar power and wind power generation plants, and industrial applications.

Distribution Transformers – Servocare helps its customers who are involved in distributing the power supply from the power stations to end distribution use. However, industries, residential needs, and other commercial power-based applications need different levels of voltage to carry on the routine equipment tasks. For this, Servocare develops different capacities of distribution transformers to fit the specified voltage demands. It designs and manufactures them up to the capacities of 3.15 MVA.

They are suitably helpful to operate cold storages, educational institutions, food processing industries, telecom centers, solar and wind power applications, etc.

Dry-type Transformers – With an intention to fulfill adequate voltage demands of various applications, Servocare intends to provide a specific type of electrical transformers called dry-type transformers. With the name itself, one can guess that they include air-cooled mechanism. Though high voltage levels are dealt, they can be cooled by forced air itself without any need for vent systems.

Servocare dry-type transformers are economical and maintenance-free. They are available in different capacities up to 3150 KVA. A wide range of customers ranging from chemical industries, refineries, electric and electronic industries, and captive power projects to construction houses use distinctive models of distribution transformers for reasonable power voltage assurance.

Isolation Transformers – Servocare works to increase the durability of various types of equipment. At the same time, it strives hard to assure safety and security to the appliances and life as well. With specified means of galvanic isolation, equalizing the number of coils in primary and secondary windings, they isolate the specific equipment from the power supply in case of huge power variation. Thereby, they prevent different kinds of power-related accidents.

Servocare offers customized isolation transformers with capacities up to 3000 KVA. It saves cell phone networks, scientific and medical equipment, textile machinery, telecommunication equipment, etc.

Ultra-isolation transformers – the other unique electrical transformers of Servomax Limited - provide better safety through isolation and also give quality power output without any noise.

So, Servocare is a single spot for attaining absolute power and electrical transformers solutions.

It is a remarkably excellent and preferred choice for everyone.

Why so?

Let’s know.

Servocare Assures Branded and Standard Transformer Manufacture

The manufacturing processes and testing methods of Servocare follow strict standard measures like BIS, IS, ANSI, etc. Ultimately, the end products are so reliable, efficient, and standardized. There is no doubt to check if they are functional or not.

Several latest cutting-edge technologies are used during the design and development phases. Servocare also ensures that its products are always subjected to current trendy technological advancements and ease the solutions provided to diversified clients.

Simply designing, structuring, and serving the customers is not the only duty of Servocare. It takes responsibility and inspiration of another significant consideration called environmental safety.

An Outstanding Move towards Environmental Safety

Servocare follows certain eco-friendly strategies to assure environmental safety. Its power transformers and dry-type electrical transformers are the best examples for their green energy works. It also helps solar power generation and wind power generation by providing substantial power transformers for efficient voltage levels.

It designs specific transformer units that avoid lubricants, smoke, and other toxic emissions. So, there is no place for air-pollution with the use of such special eco-friendly electrical transformers.

Therefore, the Company allows better safety to equipment, human and pet life, and also nature.

Servocare has prestigious projects in hand to serve the power and electrical transformers to important government, industrial, and commercial sectors.

Servocare Caters Excellent Transformer Service Too

Till now, you got a view that Servocare is the best power and electrical transformers manufacturer in Hyderabad. However, it is unique in another important aspect.

It cares for the clients’ products also. It has a distinguished support and service divisions to ensure service and maintenance to the different kinds of transformers. Along with Servocare’ products, the Company also offers required transformers services to other competitive branded products in the market.

It enables the healthy check-up of power and other electrical transformers and ensures better voltage supply.

So, as you got sufficient knowledge on Servocare specialization in transformer manufacturing, hurry up to purchase the desired model based on your application. All the best!