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How to Find Battery-Draining Apps in Windows 10?
Before hitting the mission, check that battery of your laptop is charged sufficiently to last all day. There are several ways to save your battery including Battery Saver option in Windows 10. One more thing you can do is to figure out which applications are battery consuming. Below are the ways to find the battery draining applications and how to prevent them from eating up all the battery.
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How to Know if Your Hard Drive is Going to Fail?

Many of the systems come with solid state hard drives,and after a while they fail. It is important to back up your data and be prepared. In this blog, we have given a list of tools, updates, and options to find out if check engine light is on with your hard drive. Before starting with any of these tests, verify your backup. If your drive is unreliable, these tests can push it over the edge.

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