Do you know that you can make water from air? How

Now, the problem of the water crisis is knocking on our door.that’s why avoid this problem Maithri Aquatech find out a wonderful solution by transforming air to water and manufactured Atmospheric Water Generating systems.

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Do you know that you can make water from air? How


All the time, we are surrounded by water, just we can’t see it. The whole air present in the atmosphere contains a different amount of water vapour, depending upon the weather condition. When the weather is hot and humid, the evaporated water can make up to 6 percent of the air we breathe. On the cold and dry days, the water can make about only 0.07 percent.

We all know the process of the water cycle and air plays the most important role in the water cycle. In hot days, water evaporates from water sources like rivers, lakes and the ocean. The evaporated water is carried up into the atmosphere, where it turns into cloud, which is just the accumulation of water vapour. When the cloud reaches its saturation point, the formation of water droplets occurs, which is known as rain. This rain runs off the land and collected by the water bodies, where the total process begins again. But the problem occurs when the water cycle doesn’t happen systematically. Because of this, some inventors like Maithri Aquatech begin to think that why not pull the water vapour right out of the air and find out atmospheric Water Solutions and manufactured Atmospheric Water Generating systems.

Maithri Aquatech is an Indian startup organization having the aim of alleviating the global water crisis through manufacturing atmospheric water generator (AWG). They developed the new concept of Water from Air Machine and becomes the top Atmospheric Water Generator Manufacturer in India. Mithri Aquatech has developed the first indigenous atmospheric water generator and mineralizer and named it as MEGHDOOT. In the terms of Atmospheric Water Generator Supplier and Atmospheric Water Generator Dealer, Maithri Aquatech is now becoming the leading atmospheric water generator manufacturers in India.  


MEGHDOOT Atmospheric Water Generator range includes capacities of 30, 50, 100, 150, 500 &1000 LPD, it can also depend upon water requirement.

Now it is possible to harvest water from air nearly everywhere in the world by the help of Atmospheric Pure Water Generator. The core unit of air to water uses a turbine that gives air force through a heat exchanger, where the air is cooled down and the process of condensation takes place. For lowering the temperature of the air, the machine requires minimum energy. When the temperature falls down its optimal dew point, water droplets will form, and these droplets then collected in water storage.

The production process of fresh water from the air machine depends on the environment. The amount of water that can be produced in a specific region depends upon the average wind speed, the approximate temperature, and the relative humidity. To make the Atmospheric Water Generation Unit more flexible, the turbine can be adapted to the different environment in which it will be used like adjusting the diameter of the blade and height of the tower to enhance the efficiency of the unit. The turbine can also be combined with traditional power or solar power to increase the production of water.

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