How does the atmospheric water generator work

To overcome the water crisis, the world desperately requires alternative “water cultivation” methods.

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How does the atmospheric water generator work


To overcome the water crisis, the world desperately requires alternative “water cultivation” methods. And producing water from air is an ultimate solution as the need for fresh water increases day by day. These air to water systems have the capability to satisfy the increasing water requirement for economical and ultra-pure water. That’s why Maithri Aquatech designed and developed Atmospheric Water Generating systems for generating water from the air. This technique is so relevant that now Maithri Aquatech becoming one of the leading atmospheric water generator manufacturers in India.

In this atmospheric water device, a traditional power grid is used to generate electricity and by using this electricity the air is cooled, resulting in condensation of water, capture water vapor from the air that condenses, and form water and we get ultrapure water.    

Water vapor present in the air is condensed by cooling the air just below its dew point, then the air can be exposed to desiccants or dehumidifying the air. The desiccant is a hygroscopic substance used as a drying agent. There are two primary techniques for cooling and desiccants. Air is passed through a cooling coil, helps to condense the water. The rate of production of water depends upon the ambient temperature, humidity, the volume of air that is passed over the coil and the capacity of the machine to cool the coil. These systems inhibit the temperature of air which in turn decrease the capacity of air to carry the water vapor. Another available technology utilized liquid or wet desiccants like calcium chloride or lithium bromide to pull the water from the air via hygroscopic processes.



Filtration process takes place in the atmospheric water generator at two points in this prototype: taking air as input and water as output. This is very important for the cleanliness of the water and the safety of those when consuming it.

Air Intake

In the atmospheric water generating manufacturer , air filtration is required to exclude large dirt particulates, which will cause many issues in the dehumidification apparatus. In the air stream filtration, the biggest concerns are the maximum size of the particulate that can make it through the filter of the atmospheric water generator. The maximum size of the particulate is more crucial for the desiccation and pressure dehumidification schemes.  There are many possible filtration processes like a paper filter, electrostatic filter, etc. but the paper filters are the best since they are very much simple to use, effective, relatively cheap and no extra power is needed and can be easily implemented into the design.

Water Output

Water treatment is very much essential in the Atmospheric Water Generating systems to ensure the quality of the drinking water. The process produces relatively clean and ultra- pure water. Thus, water treatment is implemented in the air to water systems to guarantee quality. We investigated many filters like UV sterilization, carbon filters, and ceramic filters. Of these, UV sterilization is the most expensive in terms of price and energy, and it only concentrates on the microbial aspect. In our atmospheric water generator systems, we have used RO+UV system to ensure and meet the safety measures.


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