The Advantages of Cone Crusher With Brand Effect

Cone crusher is become more popular in the crush work today.

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The Advantages of Cone Crusher With Brand Effect

Mining machinery industry has maintained relatively rapid development and has got good achievements in the past few years, in which the brand enterprise leading role cannot be ignored. It is these excellent enterprises, such as Fote machinery’s good leading role that makes China mining industry get considerable progress.

Henan Fote Machinery, Co., Ltd ( is one of the important leading forces in the current mining industry. Brand enterprise is characterized not only by its reliable product quality and superior product performance but also by its better after-sale service. Fote machinery has many kinds of portable stone crushers for sale, they are all independently developed by FTM experts, combining the advanced technology at home and abroad with our company years of experience. The portable stone crushers have been regarded as ideal equipment for ores and rocks crushing with its reliable structure, easy adjustment, economic and practical features. Fote machinery also has become the preferred brand of domestic and foreign users.

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Below is the simple analysis about the cone crusher advantages of brand enterprises Fote machinery.

1、Design of hydraulic cone crusher

Special design is used in hydraulic cone crusher crushing chamber, such as intergranular lamination principle, coupled with corresponding rotating speed. This design can increase the output and improve the qualified product ratio. The crusher also can reduce the repeat production cost in unit time and bring more benefits to users.

2、Components of hydraulic

The broken wall liner and rolling mortar wall of hydraulic cone crusher are all made of high manganese steel. High-quality components, combining with crushing chamber special changes and laminated crushing layer protection, can greatly reduce crusher abrasion, so as to prolong crusher service life and reduce investment cost.

3、Configuration of hydraulic cone crusher

Insurance oil cylinder, locking oil cylinder and hydraulic drive oil cylinder, these three types of hydraulic insurance mechanism are adopted in hydraulic cone crusher configuration. When failures occur or in the treatment of problems, this configuration can play an insurance role, in order to achieve more convenient entire maintenance and more secure production process.

4、Operation of hydraulic cone crusher

New hydraulic cone crusher can provide users with easier operation. The structure is simpler and the automation degree would be greatly improved. New crusher can meet the automatic adjustment of feeding strength and discharge granularity, which can be used more smoothly by users.

The establishment of Fote machinery brand is not the one-day thing, but after continuously research and improve on product performance by FTM experts. The brand advantages do not benefit from the scale economy, but more importantly, Fote machinery gets customers recognition of brand products value, that is approval of price difference. Fote machinery is dedicated to developing superior quality product and providing excellent service for users, we also hope to bring the better experience for more users.