Tips To Organize Outdoor Birthday Parties

Kids hardly get a chance to breathe the fresh air and play on the fields. Make sure that your kid’s next birthday is a memorable one. Let the little one, enjoy like never before with amazing outdoor birthday themes. Get hold of one of the best birthday party organisers in Kolkata and let

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Tips To Organize Outdoor Birthday Parties

You can never make your kids sit and stay quiet for long. Running, jumping, and shouting is in their instincts. Why not gift them with a party where they can enjoy to the fullest. Outdoor venues are the best way to let your child feel free, run around, spill drinks, and feel on cloud 9. The top most birthday party organisers in Kolkata nowadays come up with various such outdoor birthday party themes. The idea of an outdoor party is quite popular in the western countries. In India, the concept of  'outdoor' birthday parties came into existence with the advent of destination weddings. Top wedding planners in Kolkata have come up with some awesome destination wedding ideas to awe the guests. And this is getting replicated for birthday parties as well! However it would be prudent to make sure that it is an outdoor party and not a destination too far away, since it would be too much taxing for the kids. Here are a few ideas to surprise your little one with an amazing outdoor birthday bash.

Movie under an open sky:

A bright sunny winter day or a starry summer night would be best for an amazing movie party. Let the sun or the stars along with a movie screen light up the kids’ mood. Keep the décor minimal with designed tables, mattresses, chairs, and a gorgeous movie screen. Animations, children’s movies or little scary movies can amaze the children. Make the food simple e.g. designed cupcakes, fruit salads, hot dogs, burgers, pizza, and cold drinks will be best enjoyed while singing “Happy Birthday to you”.  Top birthday party organisers in Kolkata like Holydelights offers varieties of such themes to make your kid’s birthday the most special one.

Rainbow on your canvas:

The tiny tots love to do painting and colouring and having these options at the venue are sure to make them enjoy the party more. Open sky above the head, greenery down the feet, and a white canvas are sure to awaken the hidden Michael Angelo or M.F Husain in the kids. Messy foods are allowed in these outdoor parties as the kids are already going to mess them up with colours. Pizza, burgers with extra sauce, cheesy pasta, chocolate pastries, waffles, and fresh fruit juice will add the extra fun for the naughty ones. Nowadays, top wedding planners in Kolkata who are also great birthday planners offer various such birthday party themes. Appoint one and watch your kid jump with joy.

Angry birds & smiling kids:

All day long your kid is busy playing games and ‘angry birds’ tops the list of their favourites. Make your little one come out of the screen and play it live in an angry birds’ theme setting. You just need a big slingshot, a bunch of balloons, and some painted kick-ball. Watch the children throwing colourful angry birds at the Green Pigs with joy. You can order an ‘angry birds’ themed cake for the party and make it a cherry on top to the kids’ enjoyment. Piggy shaped cookies and different coloured angry birds’ cup cakes are sure to make the little ones scream out of joy. If this seems too much for you to arrange by yourself, appoint one of the top wedding planners in Kolkata who are proficient in handling big gatherings including birthday parties and you can relax and enjoy a gala time with your kids.

The Pool is cool:

Does your kid always complains about his/her birthday being in the summer? Not anymore! Gift him the most relaxed and chilled out birthday pool party. You can avoid the mess while arranging on your own and choose among the best birthday party organisers in Kolkata. Dive in, splash water, and play hard – pool party is incomparable when it comes to having fun. But make sure your kid loves to swim and doesn’t catch a cold!

Nowadays, even famous top wedding planners in Kolkata include the pool theme in a bachelor party so why not in a kid’s party. The pool party can be turned into a real blast with many innovative ideas. Starting with the invitation to the return gifts, you can make it quirky at every stage. No shoes, no shirt, no problem – just get your swim suit and jump into the pool. It’s simple, yet so much fun. Various pool toys can be arranged for your décor. Amazing pool games like water volley is sure to cheer the kids up. Serve candy bars, gum balls, BBQ meats, tacos, sizzlers, and grilled fish to fill up the little tummies. The birthday party organisers in Kolkata, such as Holydelights come up with such amazing pool party themes. You can leave it to them and enjoy with the kids.

Set them free:

The kids are angels and hooligans at the same time. For a change don’t stop your little terror from having a blast. If you are blessed with enough space in the backyard or can rent an open ground, plan a 'Treasure hunt' party for them. Not just fun but they can even learn from the game. Set clues for them and watch the little ones’ rush, run, cheer, and have their best time searching the treasure. You can break the kids into different groups and add an extra fun element to the party. Keep the food serving 'dry' and easily digestible as the kids are going to be dead tired. Even if they wish to play after food, the filling effects shouldn't stop them. Sounds too much to be arranged? Don't worry! Appoint one of the top birthday party organisers in Kolkata and let them make the party an amazing one.

Holydelights, though popular as one of the top wedding planners in Kolkata, is an expert in arranging memorable outdoor birthday parties for your tiny rock stars. Let your kid have the best time with amazing outdoor party ideas offered by Holydelights at the most reasonable rates.

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