How to select the Best Diabetic Shoe: 5 Features to check out!

If you're diabetic, I would advise that you get yourself a good diabetic shoe to help keep your feet well. This is a top article to help you do that!

Posted March 3,2019 in Live Style.

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How to select the Best Diabetic Shoe: 5 Features to check out!

If you’re diabetic, you have no choice but to take good care of your feet and avoid the threat of developing diabetic foot. It is essential to note that uncontrolled blood sugar is dangerous as it can cause neuropathy and damage to your feet.

Neuropathy or foot damage is dangerous as you will be at risk of experiencing little or no sensation and due to this reason, you can easily damage them. Therefore, if you’re already experiencing neuropathy, you should take great care of your feet so as to avoid further complication such as infections, injury, and amputations.

Is diabetic shoe a good idea?

One of the most perfect ideas of protecting your foot is to ensure that you purchase the best diabetic shoe. The diabetic shoe will help you to prevent injury or harm to your foot. Further, you will be required to inspect your foot every day from the top, heels, between the toes, and any other part. If it becomes hard to reach your feet, you can request someone to assist you to inspect the foot.  Here are five features to check so as to purchase the best diabetic shoe.

5 Must-Have Features of Diabetic Shoes

1. Excellent Ventilation

The first thing to ensure is that air flow in and out of the shoe is efficient. The ventilation helps to ensure that the sweat can easily evaporate. Also, enhanced flow of air aids to control the temperature inside the shoes to ensure that your feet don’t get too hot to avoid creating an environment where bacteria would thrive. Any shoe that ensures your foot breathes also helps to promote circulation. It is vital to consider owning an electronic diabetic foot massager to enhance circulation.

2. Minimal or no Seams

The shoes that diabetic patient wear should be seamless or near seamless. It’s not advisable to wear shoes with seams as it can result in added irritation and friction to your already sensitive feet. Numerous people with diabetes have sores and other existing foot challenges such as calluses and blisters that can be worsened by rubbing against the shoe seams.

When buying a diabetic shoe, ensure that the lining of the shoe is soft and smooth. In case there are any seams in the shoe, ensure they’re well covered.

3. Wider Toe Box/ Wider at the Toes

Toes have proved to be a common problem area for people living with diabetes due to the softness of the skin between the toes. A good diabetic shoe will have a higher toe box to avoid the toes from pinching and bunching up. Also, it needs to be sturdy to protect your feet from pumping into anything. Most of the shoes use a form fitting material that can accommodate foot deformities like calluses and hammer toes.

4. Removable Insoles

Best diabetics shoe should utilize custom orthotics and it vital that you can be able to place them correctly into your shoes. The standard insoles should be capable of offering both cushioning and support. The capacity of removing the shoe enables you to accommodate and adjust to the needs of an orthotic.

5. Adjustable Fit

The diabetic shoes are required to have an easily modifiable fit. Most of the shoes are elastic while others use Velcro straps for maximum comfy and adjustability. The shoe should not be too tight so that your legs can be secured at all times.

Final Thought

It is less costly t and easy to take care of your shoes when you have diabetics than experience the wrath of a diabetic foot by purchasing the correct shoe for you. If you already have diabetic foot, you can start taking care of it daily and help manage the condition.