Atmospheric water generator-an incredible technology to fight against water crisis

Everyone knows that water is a universal solvent, and it is the soul of our life. And three fourth of the earth is covered with water,

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Atmospheric water generator-an incredible technology to fight against water crisis


Everyone knows that water is a universal solvent, and it is the soul of our life. And three fourth of the earth is covered with water, but there is only two percent of water is accessible and drinkable. And we can’t access 99% of the earth’s fresh water sources.

Sadly, we are excessively wasting the water even for small activities. The burning issue all over the globe is the water crisis. And so many countries have been under the water stress conditions.

Presently, the only way to get fresh and safe water is from the atmospheric water generator. The futuristic technology that works greatly to mitigate the water scarcity or water crisis. The commendable innovation in the department of atmospheric water solutions till now is atmospheric water generator.

The atmospheric water generator which is also referred to as water from air machine extracts the fresh water from the humidity present in the air. And it contains various filters to produce intense purified water. The water produced from the water from air machine will be clean, safe and the healthiest potable drinking water and free from all type of bacteria, viruses, microbes, and harmful chemicals. And this water also tastes better and sweeter compared to the normal tap water.

The atmospheric water generator doesn’t require any additional extra set up like water supply, and it needs only a power supply to produce mineral water from the air. And are you searching for the top atmospheric water generator manufacturers to get the standard and reliable atmosphere water solutions? then, your right choice will be the Maithri Aquatech Pvt Ltd.

One of the major atmospheric water generator manufacturers that offers an exclusive range of atmospheric water generating systems. We mainly aim at the communities that exist in the areas where there is a lack of fresh water. It works by absorbing the moisture from the air into it and uses the condensation process to produce water.

Condensation is nothing but changing the gaseous form of vapour into liquid form. Then this water undergoes various stages of purification and filtration and the fresh and uncontaminated water is collected into containers. And water getting from the atmospheric water generator is free from bacteria, pathogens, pesticides, chemicals, and other contaminants.

Simply, an atmospheric water generator or air to water systems acts like a dehumidifier, when the humidity enters into the system the coolant present in it condenses the air that cools the air below its dew point, thus gives the best potable drinking water.

It produces the ultra-pure fresh water that possesses great health benefits. The atmospheric water generators are used in various industries especially like bio-tech, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, medical labs and so on.

The air-to-water technology that harvests fresh water from the atmosphere and it just need a power supply and air. Water from air machine is equipped with high-end purification technologies that produce clean and fresh water than the general atmospheric water generator suppliers. We can produce fresh and pure drinking water anywhere and we just need an atmospheric water generator along with power supply and relative humidity in the air.

The atmospheric water generator portability makes it to accessible in many areas like hospitals, police stations. And even they can be sent to emergency locations to facilitate the survivors in the relief camps who are in desperate need of safe and pure potable drinking water.

Let us see the features of meghdoot the atmospheric water generator from Maithri Aquatech Pvt Ltd. We offer our products with various capacities that range from 30 to 1000 litres per day.

Meghdoot-1000 (LPD)-

  • Capable of producing 1000 litres per day. And you can yield maximum production results with ambient conditions like 90°F, and 80 % RH.
  • Consists of pleated air filter, ACG filter, mineral cartridge, Ozonator, TDS regulator and etc.
  • Perfectly suitable for residential and large-scale commercial projects.
  • Produces different grades of water like ultra-pure, demineralised water, and much more.
  • Ensures efficient production of clean, fresh and healthiest drinking water anytime and anywhere.


As there is a rapid usage of different kinds of atmospheric water generating systems in various industries. And nowadays people are aware of the atmospheric water generator, it is a positive sign to mitigate the water crisis. The main aim of the Maithri Aquatech is to acknowledge the importance of eco-friendly technology to challenge the water stress conditions.

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