AWG-A smart water solution that will save your life.

the article is about importance of amospheric water generators

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AWG-A smart water solution that will save your life.

We all live in a thirsty world, and we need water for our survival. But the fact is, due to various reasons the life sustaining water is unavailable for most of the people around the world. There are billions of people who are not getting enough clean drinking water and even no or lack of access to the safe water resources. Water scarcity is one of the main problems has being faced by many societies, the water usage is increasing day by day along with the population growth. And there is an increase in the number of regions that are chronically short of clean water.

Remedy for these issues

The world’s safe water is under threat and the new technology is the answer that is atmospheric water generator. The only hope that could save us from the water stress or scarcity because according to the hydrologists, by 2025 the world’s 1800 million people will be living in the regions with absolute water shortage. And about two thirds of total world population could be under poor water stress conditions.

Imagine a day without water it would be very horrible, and there are some regions where the people are living without proper assess to the clean and safe water or even lack of clean water resources. For those people the air to water generator technology acts as a relief by providing access to clean and fresh drinking water.

As the safe water resources are diminishing gradually, there is a need of other alternate source and the one of the largest sources of fresh water is atmosphere. And we can squeeze fresh and clean water at any given time with the aid of atmospheric water generator.

The atmospheric water generator makes mineral water from the air by absorbing the humidity it converts the vapor into water with the help of dehumidification. Generally most of the atmospheric water generating systems use conventional condensation method to convert the gaseous form into liquid form. The other method called wet desiccation which involves usage of salt in a concentrated solution to extract the ambient humidity. But most of the air to water generator technologies prefer to use the cooling condensation method because of its effective and accurate results.

Maithiaqua is one of the emerging atmospheric water generator manufacturers, offered as meghdoot (AWG) which is capable of generating 30 to 1000 litres of water each day. The meghdoot atmospheric water generating systems that will satisfy large-scale water production requirements. Our water from air machines have been crafted with standard technology which have been undergone rigid testing and inspection.

Maithriaqua’s water from air machine units are customizable and capable of working even in the relative low humidity conditions, where they can make water out of thin air which are preferably suitable in the most arid environments.

Unlike conventional water purifiers and RO’s the water from air machine produces fresh, clean and the safest potable drinking water. And the major advantage in this air-to-water technology is it doesn’t need any water source whereas the water purifiers needs water to supply and in this particular process a lots of water gets wasted.  Simply, the atmospheric water generators don’t require water rather it works like a regular air conditioner resulting in 0 water wastage.

Even if we purify the tap water all the impurities would not be removed and some contaminants and unwanted substances will be remained in the water. But the mineral water from the air generated by the Meghdoot (atmospheric water generator) is contaminant free, impurity free and even microbe-free. The water produced by the water from air machine will be treated through multi filtration, premium RO and UV treatments.


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