A boon for eliminating water scarcity with the aid of atmospheric water generator.

Working and Importance of Atmospheric Water Generators

Posted February 2,2019 in Other.

Ranjan Kumar
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A boon for eliminating water scarcity with the aid of atmospheric water generator.

Are you buying the mineral water or installing any water purifiers in your home? If yes, this article is for you. For the water purifiers we need the water source to produce the clean and safe water but have you heard about the water generation without a water source, yes you heard it right we can extract the pure water from the humid ambient air.

Let us discuss in deep that what are the major issues faced by the people regarding water and how the atmospheric water generator helps in resolving the problems.

The major problem facing all over the world is a lack or insufficient safe drinking water. According to the studies more than 1.2 billion people have no access to clean and safe drinking water.

Water scarcity is nothing but either lack of sufficient water or lack of access to the safe water. And this problem involves water stress, shortage, water crisis and etc. the latest innovation that can change the phase of water scarcity problem is Atmospheric water generator, or also denoted with various names as fresh water from air machine, air to water generator, water from air machine, and etc.

You will be getting a doubt that how can we generate the water from the air or the use of Atmospheric water generator? The Atmospheric water generator is a specially designed device that is used to extract the water from the air. It uses the condensation technology to extract the water vapour from the atmosphere. The physical change of state of matter from the gas phase to liquid phase is called condensation.

You can get the best and reliable water from air machine from Maithri Aquatech. It is one of the superior atmospheric water generator manufacturers India. Our products are useful where the availability of pure drinking water is difficult or even impossible. Since there will be humidity present always in the air, our water from air machine can efficiently extract even small amount of water from the air.

The main aim of the Maithri Aquatech is to provide the re-mineralized water from the air even to the remote areas where there is no proper access or not having safe drinking water.

You can easily meet the needs of clean and safe pure drinking water with our water from air machine named as Meghdoot. The AWG’s that are offered by us include the capacities of 30, 100, 500, 1000 Litres Per Day (LPD). And we also provide the customized AWG’s as per the water quantity requirements.

Let us see the major features of the Meghdoot-atmospheric water generator with a capacity of 1000 (LPD)

  • The meghdoot need 90◦F, 80 % RH ambient conditions to get the maximum rated output.
  • The overall dimensions (L×W×H) in cm are as follows 204×115×136 cm.
  • It weighs around 450 kg. and it feeds an input power of 9Kw.
  • It needs a power supply of 380V, 50HZ-60Hz, three Phase.
  • It uses R407C refrigerant which is environmentally friendly.
  • It has 500 litres external ss tank.
  • Filtration features include pleated air filter, Ozonator, ACG filter, mineral cartridge and TDS regulator.
  • This machine has two independent fans, the machine switches off when the tank is full and many other features.

Most of the fresh water is locked in the ice caps and earth’s glaciers, hence there is a great demand for the fresh water for various purposes like used for the food production, agriculture and etc.

The main aim of the atmospheric water generator manufacturers India is to meet the growing demands of the global water crisis.


We have been observing that people are struggling to carry the drinking water from miles of distance. In some regions, they consume unsafe water and they have been terribly affecting by various dangerous diseases. For them, the atmospheric water generator-Meghdoot offered from Maithri Aquatech Pvt Ltd is like a boon, which can abolish the water scarcity.