What should be in a golf bag?

Kinds of Stuff to carry on a Golf Bag

Posted November 11,2018 in Sport.

Abigael Rutto
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What should be in a golf bag?

There are times you carry what you don’t need in your golf bag while there are times you go to the golf course only to realize you haven’t carried something you really need. The most common items that are carried on a golf bag are the golf clubs which can be 14 in numbers or less depending on the size of the bag or number of rounds you want to play. What are the most essential things that you need to carry on your golf bag?

5 Things to carry in your Golf Bag?

1. Golf Gloves

As you play your game you probably do not want to have some blisters in your hands. Also, you may not want your fingers to freeze while playing your game. Thus, it is important to have a pack of gloves in your golf bag.

2. Golf Shoes

Just like gym or basketball, you need specific golf shoes so as to effectively play the game. The golf shoes will offer you support in any form of soil or weather situation. So having your shoes in the bag gives you an assurance of some nice time whether in wet or dry conditions.

3. Golfer’s Tape

It is always vital to wear some golfers tape so as to prevent your fingers from getting blisters. Thus, it is essential to always have some golfer’s tape in your golf bag.

4. Water Bottle

In the golf course, you can get dehydrated and only a water bottle can save you from thirst especially during the summer period.

5. Golf Towel

To avoid any form of skin irritation it is vital to have a golf towel that is made of cotton fabric or soft material.

Final Thought

There are a lot of other things that you carry on your golf bag but it is important to include the following five items in your golf bag as they are the most important for your basic golf game.