Honda introduced the Onsen Electric Drone with a Bath

When creating this concept, engineers of the Japanese brand Honda apparently were inspired by the idea of ​​“taking a bath” right in the car. The car received the highest level autopilot and electrical installation.

Posted June 6,2019 in Cars and Vehicles.

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Honda introduced the Onsen Electric Drone with a Bath

Honda Onsen is a concept car with autonomous control system. The main feature of this car is the possibility of filling its cabin with warm water, so that the driver will be able to relax on the way.

As conceived by the main designer of the novelty, the car will use an electric power unit and, in particular, thanks to this, the vehicle for the city has rather compact dimensions. It is reported that in its size, the Japanese concept is slightly larger than the German Volkswagen Golf hatchback.

Of the features of the novelty, you can also select a spacious lounge, as well as a bench that faces back. Perhaps the most interesting is in the second half of the interior of the concept, which is a special cylindrical cell. Thanks to gyro technology, this cell remains constantly suspended inside the body. It is completely waterproof and it is at the request of the driver that it is filled with water.

The Japanese concept Honda Onsen is called by its developers "a vehicle with an autonomous control system, ideal for swimming." Chairs, which are used in this city car, have a massage function, as well as equipped with special findings that are necessary to divert steam from the salon.

Honda XR-V will be sold from June 18 this year.

The machine is equipped with an engine capacity of 1.5 liters and a capacity of 177 liters. with.

If you compare the updated fifth-generation car with its predecessor, in the exterior you can see another grille, visually combined with the head optics. This decision immediately makes the car recognizable. At the stern of the car there is an inscription "2300Turbo", under the bumper - a pair of exhaust pipes from different sides, hinting at the Honda sporting character. Its dimensions are 4, 34x0.79x1.605 m, the wheelbase is 2.61 m.

The new “Honda” cannot be called a revolutionary step in the automotive industry: it is based on the Honda Fit, which is equipped with a more powerful engine, 4x4 drive and greater ground clearance. Let there be no radical changes, but the main thing is the beauty of execution.

The interior of the updated car is trimmed with a non-standard color: “wine red and black”. The role of the materials used for interior design, plays textiles and plastic. The seats are comfortable, although there is no lateral support. The car received a new climate control unit with touch buttons, as well as an emergency brake, working on electronics. The special feature of the body is the use of extremely durable steel grades - more than 15%.

Under the hood of the XR-V power unit of 1.5 liters, which gives 131 liters. with. at peak moment 155 N * m. Top of the range involves the installation of a turbocharged engine with a capacity of 177 liters. with. with the same 1.5 liter volume, 220 Nm feet of torque. Transmission - variable or 6-gear "mechanics".

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