Must Have Tool for Deep Cycle Battery Maintenace

A temperature-compensated battery hydrometer is an all-weather tool you badly need for testing your deep cycle batteries.

Posted May 5,2018 in Cars and Vehicles.

Julio Mach
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Must Have Tool for Deep Cycle Battery Maintenace

Deep cycle batteries have been and continue to be very common especially with the increase in the uptake of solar energy. They are extensively utilized to store electrical charge for both industrial and personal purposes. Like any other serviceable equipment, the lifespan of a deep cycle lead acid battery depends partly on how well it is maintained. That is why you occasionally see the mechanic open the hood of your car to check the status of the car battery.

As a technician, one of the tools you need for testing the deep cycle batteries is the battery hydrometer. It is a little handy tool that is used to check the strength of the battery electrolyte and subsequently determine its state of health. A battery hydrometer measures the specific gravity of a battery electrolyte. The result is then measured against the voltage measurement to accurately determine if the battery is healthy. The accuracy of the specific gravity readings depends highly on the quality of the hydrometer. Choosing a battery hydrometer becomes an extremely important exercise especially if you reside in areas that extreme weather conditions because the specific density of liquids tends to get affected by temperature. 

A temperature compensated battery hydrometer is the best because it temperature-corrects the specific gravity readings ensuring that you make accurate readings irrespective of the temperature. It also helps you make only one reading without having to perform further manual computations.