Sanchi Stupa – A wonderful Place for Visit

Sanchi Stupa is a breathtakingly beautiful place to visit as it represents the values, the facets, and all that Buddhism believes into and is recognized as the world heritage site, which is why it attracts a lot of tourists every year. With Joshi Kashi tours & travels and our spiritual

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  Sanchi Stupa – A wonderful Place for Visit


Sanchi Stupa gives a feeling of calmness and content and is located at a distance of 46 km from Bhopal. It is believed that the Sanchi Stupa holds the ashes of Buddha Himself and the other Buddhist teachers which is why this place is of great spiritual value to the travelers. As soon as you enter, you will see the beautiful Sanchi stupa, that will be standing right there and it might even take your breath away.

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Now let us look at the exterior of the Sanchi Stupa. The exterior of Sanchi Stupa is covered with stonework and leads up to a geometrically squared called harmika that covers the royal chattra that is positioned on a pole. There are stairways connected to the dome that will take you to the top of the stupa and help you cover the entire dome. Taking your tour with Kashi tours & travels, is going to give you lots of memories and our experienced guides will tell you each and every detail of these places. For discovering more places you can also take our other tour packages like the Kashi tour package, Nepal cultural tour et cetera.

Now, this was about the exterior of the Sanchi stupa, this place holds spiritual symbolism as well. The Sanchi Stupa relates to the essence of the universe itself and the sculptures present in the Sanchi Stupa covey the various values that play major importance in Buddhism, especially the pattern of the Lotus that depicts the qualities like goodness, purity and gives the personal importance and sense of being true.

The dome is actually the representation of the Buddha himself and depicts the various incidents that occurred in the life of Buddha himself including the Jataka stories. The stupa will provide you a positive feeling as soon as you enter the place and that is truly amazing.

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Now, coming back to the history of the Sanchi Stupa, it was first built by Ashoka Maurya in the middle time of the 3rd Century BC and is one of the most legendary Buddhist spots that anyone can ever see. One of the most important things to know about Sanchi Stupa is that it is declared as the UNESCO world heritage sites and holds great importance as well. A lot of things that you see nowadays around the Sanchi Stupa including the museum and all, was built in the 20th century and not at the starting.

Bhopal itself is a beautiful place and when you do visit Bhopal, visiting Sanchi Stupa becomes very important for so many reasons, first that it is recognized and declared as the world heritage site and the next that it is one of the places depicts everything about Buddhism.

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