Want to establish business in Qatar? Here are some tips!

Top ten tips for business setup in Qatar

Posted May 5,2019 in Economics and Trade.

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Want to establish business in Qatar? Here are some tips!
  1. It is understood that the government works in different ways than you use. Find professional advice to guide you through bureaucracy, legality and procedure. The company's structure is complex and it may take months to complete
  2. Business / Travel / Work Visa is known to be familiar with yourself. There are several types of tourist visas depending on your nationality. A work visa is also your resident visa. Your employer will get your visa visa for you.
  3. The most important reason for setting up an LLC company in Qatar is to ensure that your trusted and secure local partners. In order to understand requirements and requirements from 'partnership', they will be the right partner for your partner. We will always recommend that your local partner is not an organization and not a separate Qatari.
  4. Learn about Qatar's culture and how to trade locally. The main reason for success is to develop relationships and to teach at least some Arabic words in a simple way that is not just a business deal but a relationship is important to you. Your efforts to be widely appreciated
  5. Conduct extensive research in the business sector you want to work on. It always pays to do your market research before setting up.
  6. This study should include the best way to include your company in Qatar. It should be a branch office, a trade representative office or a limited liability company.
  7. Make sure that you get professional advice for your company's best interests. Many companies set up to establish that they cannot trade properly with a trade license. Ensure details of your local embassy's contact in Qatar. All exterior should be registered with their embassy.
  8. Be aware of close dates and work hours. According to the moon calendar there are two separate religious holidays each year; Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, the government ministry closed. Government work hours from Sunday to Thursday 7am to 2pm The working hours of the private sector are sometimes divided into 8 divided to 12.30 and then from 4 to 7.30 pm.
  9. Be flexible and patient. These are the most valuable attributes you can show in your business and social life, living and working in Qatar.
  10. Choose the right way to set up your company in Qatar. Choosing the right to set up entity will make your company the most important decision. Correcting a mistake can be costly. Your company needs to ensure that you have the right activities. You will open a branch office, a representative office, or a limited liability company. Be aware that you can still be owned by 100% foreign-owned. Make sure you have a good suggestion on your options so that you can make a definite decision.

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