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Posted April 4,2019 in Education.

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English Speaking Course In Chandigarh  - English Pro

English Speaking Course In Chandigarh  - English Pro

It comprises of specially designed levels of modules which cater to diverse needs of people. You can register in our courses for strengthening your communication skills and achieve new heights in your respective field of profession or study. We have three different levels in English Speaking Course in Chandigarh. For More Information Contact Us -

1) don’t think about grammar

Most people whose first language is Hindi or some other and they want to learn to speak in English but do not achieve properly even after experiment. Why this? Because they focus more on learning English grammar and persist in English grammar rules. When a child is born he does not know to speak any language but slowly hears the language around him and learn to speak that language. He is not taught grammar. Even today we still do not use the correct grammar in Hindi.

2) What people will think

Many people do not talk with others because of fear or shame because of this, because they feel that if they did not use a line incorrectly or did not use grammar correctly or spoken wrong words, then people They will make fun of you. But in reality it does not happen. Everyone has a sense of self-doubt for everyone, so stop thinking. Speak openly whatever comes.

3) think in english

Many of you who want English speaking but make a fault. It is a fault to translate Hindi into English and answer again. Because of this, your brain can not process your brain. Therefore, instead of Hindi, start reasoning in English, even if it is not grammatically wrong. At the beginning, this work may seem a bit boring or difficult, but gradually your mind will start taking it like a habit.

4) do not think about word

Normally speaking, 1000 to 1500 words are needed to communicate in English, the rest gradually come up with the experience. So leave the habit of crying unnecessary words. Yes, if you are preparing for a competitive examination, then it is a different matter. It requires vocabulary, but if your motive is English speaking then do not pay attention to it.

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