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Symons cone crusher for pebble


FTM Cone crusher is one of the most popular crushing equipment in the contemporary mine field, it is also one of the highest levels of science and technology crushing machine, at the same time, along with the scientific development and further research efforts, it has more functions and more advantages, and its performance is also more and more perfect, but some users found that the production of the cone crusher they purchased failed to meet the expected requirements, and what’s the reason, today let’s analyze together the solutions about how to make the cone crusher full play out its maximum practical value and create more remarkable economic value for users.

Characteristics of Cone Crusher With High Adaptability in Primary,Second Crushing

1. Our cone crusher has the characteristics of large breaking force, high efficiency, high crushing capacity, low operating cost and long service life. It is convenient to operate and is economical.
2. The crushed materials are of equal size, thus reducing circulating load.
3. Large and medium-sized crushers adopt hydraulic chamber-cleaning systems, which will help reduce the down time.
4. Cone crushers with different chambers are available, to meet our customers' requirements.
5. Grease seal can effectively avoid the blockage of water feeding system and drainage system, as well as mixing of water and oil.
6. As the overload protection device, spring safety device allows foreign matter and iron pieces to pass through the crushing chamber without jeopardizing machines.

Working Principles of Cone Crusher With High Adaptability in Primary,Second Crushing

1. When cone crusher is working, motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate. The eccentric sleeve drives the transmission shaft and cone part to make swing movement. When they swing to the extent that the surface of the crushing wall is close to the roll mortar wall, the rocks and ores are pressed and crushed.
2. Joint between supporting sleeve and frame is compressed by spring. When metal block and other materials that can no be crushed fall into the crusher, spring will be out of sharp and discharge the objects.
3. When the materials that can not be crushed pass through the crushing chamber or the machine overloads, the spring safety system makes the cone discharging hole become larger. When objects are discharged from crushing chamber, discharging hole will automatically reset. Cone crusher resumes normal operations.
4. The surface of crushing chamber is covered with wear-resisting high manganese steel lining plate. Size of discharging hole can be adjusted hydraulically or manually.

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